Fairlight is marketed to gourmet butchers and fine dining restaurants in Australia and around the World. It’s renowned for the finest meat that is light pink, smooth in consistency, fine in texture and delicate in flavour.

Young Beef

This exceptional, hand-selected, MSA graded,Young Beef comes from the rich, fertile valleys of the Northern Rivers.

Renowned by premium butchers and fine dining chefs across the world, Fairlight Black is the result of passion and experience, offering a sensational eating experience, every time.

Our carefully selected young cattle are free to roam in lush pastures with fresh air and access to the best possible feed.

  • MSA Graded
  • Targeted dress weight 170kg –190kg
  • Hormone Growth Promotant free
  • No genetic modifications
  • Independently chiller assessed

Veal & Young Beef

Highly regarded throughout Australia and the World, Fairlight Red delivers an eating experience like no other. Premium butchers and chefs choose it for its pink colour, melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, eating quality, flavour and superior performance.

Humanely raised in the natural way on their mother’s milk, and in open pastures with access to the very best feed, Fairlight Red’s undeniable quality is backed by its tenderness, juiciness, superior colour and flavour.

It’s our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to the welfare of our animals that cements Fairlight Red as one of the World’s most sought-after brands.

  • Hormone Growth Promotant free
  • No genetic modifications